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For most of us, cell phone is a most used thing and it will be in our hands for most of the times. Due to this they are prone to get more damages from fall. This fall may be into any water bodies or some wet areas. If you are not repairing it immediately, then the phone will be completely damaged. In case of older phones, immediately removing the battery and drying it may help up to an extent. This is not possible in case of latest smartphone models. Thus getting expert care is necessary. The Wassupbro is the best mobile service centre in Kochi to repair water damaged devices.

Water damage can cause significant problems with your devices. It may damage the delicate internal circuitry in the phone leaving it inoperable. The water damage of devices can be a problem faced by anyone. This could occur from accidentally sinking of your phones in the toilet or slobbered on by the dog. Otherwise you could have jump into the pool with phone in your pocket, or leave in the rain, etc. Here are few things that you must know to save your phone.

Troubleshooting Mobile Phone Water Damage

If mobile sink into water, the first and foremost thing you must do is to remove it from the water as soon as possible. If possible, removing the battery quickly could make the difference in saving your phone. Most of the phones will have a white indicator near the battery; this will turn pink or red if it is damaged by water. Taking immediate measures to save it by consulting a mobile service centre will be beneficial. The Wassupbro is a leading mobile service centre to repair all kinds of mobile phones. Wassupbro is the leading iPhone service centre in Kochi to do its services at the best.

Don’ts after your device is taken from water

After your device is taken from water you should not push any buttons. This could move the water further into the circuits. Don’t try using a hairdryer to dry it. It will push water into the phone and cause further damages. You should not move the phone more than you have to. Keeping it still will prevent water spreading to other parts. This can prevent further damages. Another important mistake most of us will do is turning on the phone immediately. It is suggested that you have to wait for at least 24 hours before turning on the phone.

The expert technicians at the Wassupbro will take every effort to bring your cell phone back into life. With the experience and skill in repairing different android phones, the Wassupbro is a best Samsung service center in Kochi.




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