Did you Broke your Mobile Screen?

Samsung Service Centre in Kadavanthra

Breaking of mobile glass is a most common kind of damage that occurs for the mobile phones.When we break our phones, the most common thing that we will think of immediately will be, “How much amount it will cost to fix this problem?” Whatever may be the complaint, the team of Wassupbro will repair it with best quality. The excellence in services had made the Wassupbro as the best mobile service centre in Kakkanad.

The Factors That Determines the Cost of Mobile Screen Repair

The most important things that determine the cost of the mobile repairs are due to two things. One thing is the model of the smartphone which you have and the other is according to the glass or LCD beneath (depending on which is damaged). Here you can see that how to recognize which part of your phone is broken.

The Three Layers of Smartphone

The smartphones essentially have three layers. These three layers will be existing on your phones too.

  • The Glass – The glass is the top layer of the phone. This layer can take quite a bit of breaking. Usually this layer contains and protects the other layers underneath. This may still allow for a good picture. Thus this is fairly easy to tell if it is cracked or not. Just look for any small cracks or if the glass is lifting, then it may need to be replaced. The expert technicians at Wassupbro are experts in identifying the damages with the smartphones and they will clear it perfectly. With this Wassupbro is the best iPhone service centre Kochi.
  • The Digitizer – This is the layer 2 of smartphones. This layer makes the screen respond to touch. When certain areas of your phone are not responding to your fingers, then most probably this part will have damages. It is actually a good sign that you need a replacement for that layer of phone.

The LCD – The LCD is responsible for the image on your screen. When this breaks you will find that the device is still powered. However, the user will not be able to see any picture at all. Yes, it is a pretty indication that the smartphone is not working due to the damage it has. In some cases, the LCD may not broke completely. In such cases, you will be able to see something like black dots, green lines or a portion of the screen is not shown. The Samsung phones on most carriers have a secret code. The Wassupbro is a leading Samsung service centre in Kadavanthara to repair Samsung smartphone



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