Does Your IPhone Have Touch Disease (Touch Not Working)?

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You will find it very much frustrating when your phone is not responding to your touch. This may happen to any kind of smartphone. In such conditions you will find it difficult to use your phone. You don’t have to drop your phone or mess up a system update for this to happen, may be your iPhone 6 or 7 might be in a short time away from this problem happening to you. Many smartphone users are facing such issues. The Wassupbro is the leading mobile service centre Kakkanad to repair all sorts of smartphones at the best.

How to recognize that your Phone is Facing Touch Issues?

There are two very clear symptoms of Touch IC. Among this one symptom will get progressively worse and the other symptom is present in most cases of touch IC. When you are using your phone and you feel that your touch is slow or is not responding correctly, then you are most likely experiencing this problem. Similarly, when you power your phone, you will see grey bars, lines or squares on the display top. This problem is absolutely caused by the touch issues. Most commonly the second sign doesn’t show up every time. But if you are repeatedly trying to touch the phone’s screen, it is not responding; then changing its screen will not help you. The Wassupbro is the best Apple service centre in Ernakulam to deliver high end repair services.

Why This Problem Occurs?

The touch IC is caused by something below the screen, below the LCD or on the motherboard of the phone. There is a motherboard chip that translates our fingers into a language which the phone can understand. If the chip is not secured properly to the board while manufacturing, this issue arises easily. There will be lifting and cracking, thus our phone will stop working.

How can we fix this?

Like any other iPhone complaints, it is better to get it repaired from expert technicians. A qualified smartphone technician can fix and secure that chip with the help of soldering equipment, thus getting your phone functional again. The expert technicians at Wassupbro mobile service centre will clear the problem in less time. Even though it is an incredibly frustrating problem, getting it repaired with skilled team will make it last longer. Thus by giving excellent iPhone repair services, Wassupbro has become the best iPhone service centre in Ernakulam.



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