Are You Facing Hearing Problems for Your Phone?

Get your phone fixed with expert technicians

Can’t you hear your calls? Oh, there will be nothing more annoying than this. If it is an important call, the condition is even worse. Whatever kind of calls it is, whether it is business or personal, hearing the person who is contacting you is a must. The Wassupbro mobile service centre in Ernakulam is giving best repairs for all your problems related to smartphones. Here, all the makes and models of smartphones are repaired with best quality. Now let us see few steps to know about the hearing problems of your smartphone.

Check whether you are connected to anything

This is one of the first things you have to do if you can’t hear the call. You have to check if you are wired or connected to anything like that in your vicinity. If you are connected to any such things on Bluetooth, it will be playing the volume through there. In such cases, you have to turn off your Bluetooth to make sure that it is not the problem.

Check your Volume

This is a simple thing you must check for. There are actually two types of volume, one is the regular volume and other one is the call volume. Adjusting the main volume will not affect the call volume of your smartphone. Verify that it is turned up and can hear when you are on a call.

Is there something to block?

Sometimes, the hearing may be blocked by something on the way. You might have recently purchased cases or tempered glasses that will bring issues in hearing phone calls. In such cases, we have to check whether it is blocking the earpiece receiver or not. Sometimes, we need to replace it with one that will not obstruct. The team of Wassupbro will properly examine the problems of your smartphones. After that a perfect solution will be given to it. This makes the Wassupbro mobile service hub to be the best mobile service centre in Kadavanthra.

Getting Dirty

When the earpiece may not be exactly airtight, this will cause dirt and debris to enter inside the phone. Overtime calls may get more muffled until you can barely hear your calls. The technicians at the Wassupbro mobile service centre will open the device and it can be cleaned from inside. If it cannot be fixed like this, the technician can fix your phone with a new earpiece. Repairing with the Wassupbro team will help you save your money and time. This makes the Wassubro as the best Samsung mobile repair shop in Kochi.



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