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Mobile Service Centre in Kochi

The mobile technology is developing and evolving at a staggering speed. With the higher influence with the mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other such devices, there is an increased need for their repair centres. Hence, it is important for every cell phone repair technician to keep up with the new developments in this field. The Wassupbro is the leading mobile service centre in Kochi to do best services. The technicians of Wassupbro are well updated with the new software and hardware technologies and many repair techniques. There are different convenient services offered by Wassupbro for mobile repairs.

Register for Our Services Online

It is easy for the customers to register online for our services and get our services at the earliest. Once you are registered our staff will reach you at the earliest and help you with desired services. We are well equipped and ready to perform all kinds of mobile repair services. The Wassupbo is the first of its kind in Ernakulam.

Pickup and Home Delivery Services

The pickup of devices and home delivery of devices after repair has become very convenient for people especially during the pandemic. This had actually reduced the risk and stress of traveling for many people. The Wassupbro team is collecting the device from your doorsteps. Doing the service or repair works as soon as possible with the help of skilled technicians. Then we are giving immediate delivery mostly on the same day itself. Collecting and delivery of devices at the doorsteps is saving a lot of time for the customers.

Servicing at the Earliest

The usage of mobile phones is unavoidable for most of us. A day without our mobile phone is actually difficult to imagine. We have been more digitalized and many are addicted to their usages. Hence, if you cell phone faces any repair and if takes time, you will find it horrible. The Wassupbro is the best mobile service centre in Kakkanad to assure you speedy repair and delivery of your mobile phones. This is actually one of the reasons that had attracted many people towards Wassupbro for their mobile or tablet repairing services.

Mobile Repair Services at Home

We know you will find it more helpful if we do repair at your home. Yes, we are giving mobile repair services at your home too. This will help you to achieve a speedy recovery of your phones and you will find it more convenient. This is only possible for some complaints as other complaints may require advanced repairing techniques.



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