Different Types of Mobile Repair Services

Best Iphone Service Centre In Kochi

The Wassupbro is the mobile service hub in Kochi providing low price guaranteed repair services. This doesn’t mean that we are using low quality materials for servicing. The skilled mobile technicians of Wassupbro are using only high quality or genuine parts for giving mobile services. Advanced technologies are followed for all kinds of repairs and services here. The excellence in providing great mobile repair services had gained many satisfied customers and made Wassupbro popular.Thus became a leading mobile service centre in Kochi.

Mobile Repair Services that we Offer

Wassupbro is offering almost all sorts of mobile repairs. As the mobile phones are a major part of our lives and we use it frequently there are more chances to get damages. Most of us will face one or other problem with our phones on the go. The Wassupbro mobile repair shop in Ernakulam is offering all kinds of mobile repair services like:

  • Glass changing
  • Display replacement
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damaged device
  • Device rebooting
  • Password unlock
  • Speaker not working
  • Charging issue
  • Speaker/ Ringer
  • Mic/ headphone jack
  • Power/ Volume button
  • Chip level services
  • Camera glass/ back glass

All these repairs are done with the genuine parts of the device. In case of unavailability a quality brand is chosen for replacing the damaged part. The quality assurance and reasonable pricing had attracted customers to the Wassupbro. The Wassupbro is the best iphone service centre in Kochi providing guaranteed quality with their repairs. Our technicians are well updated and are well dedicated in performing mobile repairs.

Same Day Repair

Considering the convenience of the people we try to give same day delivery. The damaged device is repaired as soon as possible with our efficient technicians. They are even repaired at your home, if it is an easy repair and does not require the use of other technologies. These are then soon delivered to the customers, probably in the same day. This will reduce your difficulties of not having your phone with you. Giving best repair services with best materials will help in improving the lost functions of your devices.

Superior Warranty

We all expect to get superior warranty on mobile repairs. When we are in need of frequent repairs, it will not be a pocket friendly thing. Moreover, it is a matter of time and we may have to spend more time for its repairs. The Wassubro is offering quality assurance and superior warranty for mobile servicing. With a number of satisfied clients, Wassupbro is the best mobile service centre in Kakkanad.




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