Best Apple Shortcuts you can try in your iPhone

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For us it will be easy to overlook the pre-installed shortcuts app on the iPhone. You will be familiar with this neat addiction. Shortcuts will let you take your iOS workflow to a whole new level of performance, from widgets to complex tasks. But it can be overwhelming to get started. The Wassupbro is the leading mobile service centre in Kochi to give all necessary mobile repair solutions. All the mobile services are available at affordable prices at Wassupbro. Here we have compiled Apple shortcuts to help you to make the most of the device.

Personalize your Home screen

This is one of the significant changes that came in the IOS 14.  The custom look and functionality that was once present only for Android users have become now available for iPhone users. The shortcuts will help you to manage app icons and widgets for your home screen. It can be created in a way that suits your aesthetic.

Do Not Disturb Shortcut

If you are in a situation where you want to say ‘no’ to ringing phone, this is a great option. These shortcuts will help you to tap Do Not Disturb mode. Once you leave your current location, this will automatically turn back off.

Set a One-Tap App for Calling Someone Special

The special dial shortcut will let you create an app tile. This can be used to call a set person from your contact list. With this you can use your design skills to create a custom icon or a photo that can be displayed on your screen.

Check Suspicious Links

At times we may not be sure about certain links that we see in an email or social media post. The ‘Expand URL’ shortcut will let you preview the webpage link that you are worried about. We can do it by copying the URL and pasting in the shortcut for checking.

Make your own GIFs

This ‘Shoot a GIF’ will let you generate image-based creations in your phone. It can be done by simply taping the Today View widget or trigger it with Siri. Then take your photos and when the last one is taken, it will pop out a ready-to-share animated GIF for you.

You can create your Own Shortcuts by Automation

All the tools that we have discussed will show up in your Gallery or in the My Shortcut sections. With the Automation tab you can create custom useful shortcuts. You can also create another shortcut with the existing one.

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